Uncharted convenes and connects diverse groups of Americans and Canadians to create positive impact. We harness the power of creativity and human connection to ignite meaningful change.

Areas of Engagement

U.S.-Canada Relationship: Engaging as citizen ambassadors to enhance the relationship between the U.S. and Canada. 

Storytelling: Promoting artists and changemakers in their creation of stories that move society forward with a focus on visual arts, documentary film, and personal narrative.

Political Engagement: Supporting candidates and organizations that recognize the need to build a strong base of new progressive leadership.  Promoting voter engagement in order to bring more citizens into the democratic process.

Cooperative Philanthropy: Breaking down the silos in philanthropy by  providing connections and platforms for nonprofits to collaborate for greater impact.

Relationship Building: Hosting salons, conversations, and events to create community and engage individuals across organizations to find solutions to common problems.