14×48: Quién Manda

Art as a driver for dialogue is one of our passions here at Uncharted. That’s why we’re proud to support the work of Giovanni Valderas and the 14×48 project. Their newest installation, “Quién Manda”, towers above the intersection of 149th Street and Grand Concourse in New York City. As 14×48 explains:

“”Quién Manda”, a Spanish idiom which imprecisely translates to “Who rules?” poses an emboldened question of agency. Who chooses, who votes, who rules? Valderas created the billboard in the style of a piñata, a form associated with celebrations, in order to highlight the complex history between the United States and Latin America. The text, disguised in this celebratory form, provokes discussion and self reflection.”

Talk about accessible and actionable art…this is exactly what we need more of in our communities! Engage with this art and storytelling in the digital space…spark a conversation about the importance of voting and pressing agency!

Learn more about Giovanni’s work on his website: www.giovannivalderas.com and more about 14×48 on their website: www.14×48.org.

Quien Manda_Zoomed out